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Nichole Bazzani started her catering company in 2016. She enjoyed creating perfect menus to meet her clients' needs. As her catering business grew, menus became more complex and she enlisted the help of Sidana Sun. Her catering business continued to flourish. After a couple years, Nichole wanted to explore more of her love for table spreads and this was something right up the alley for both Nichole and Sidana. 

Three years later in 2019, Gather & Graze Events was founded by Nichole Bazzani and Sidana Sun, in Aubrey, TX. Not only are they business partners but they are family. With 8 kids between them, both families spend a good amount of time with each other. When special events take place in the family, both are on top to organize the meals and bring it all together. The two mothers put their passion for food and design into the idea of "let's keep it simple but with great variety." This allowed them time to enjoy with their families and friends, making new memories at each gathering, rather than hovering over food trays to make sure there was plenty to eat. The motto they incorporate so often in their family get-togethers, created Gather & Graze Events.    


The duo work along side each other when they are not teaching or working their corporate jobs. Nichole is thorough in scouting out the freshest and most delectable goods. Sidana's eye for style & design and attention to detail, brings it all together. The talents of both Nichole and Sidana mesh beautifully in each grazing meal they put together. Their enthusiastic love for gourmet meats, cheeses, delicate fruits, veggies and the most special treats, are poured into each box, platter and table they create.